Top 3 Websites to find Legitimate Online Work

There are so many sites on the Internet claiming that you can make $6000 a month and only work about 20 hours. With the unemployment rate being so high right now, these sites are popping up even more now, and they prey upon those that are just desperate to work, desperate to support their families, desperate to feel useful & appreciated in the workforce. Sometimes, better judgment gets thrown out the window when you become overwhelmed with debt and you’ll do just about anything to survive. But let’s face it: No one makes $6000 a month working only 20 hours, sitting on their butt answering surveys. However, there are some legitimate sites out there that not only post great work-from-home opportunities, but also guide you away from scams, offer advice on how to earn money online and even test many of the jobs themselves. Here are my top 3 websites for finding legitimate online work:

1) – This site was tremendously helpful for me a couple of years ago when I found myself out of work for the first time. The really great thing about this site is that the moderator is very interactive with her many loyal site visitors. She responds to comments properly, gives advice and is always incredibly kind. The job postings are incredibly varied: tutoring, in-bound telephone work, cold calling, crafting at home, surveys, ad viewing and a lot more. She even includes posts discussing her own income from these jobs, as well as regular blogs on scams to avoid and the best ways to approach different types of online work.

2) – I love the way Miranda Grimm writes her posts. They are very in-depth and give you a really great, unbiased overview of the companies she is reviewing. Even if as she is researching a company, it turns out to be a dud, she still includes those posts as cautionary tales. She has a very active community and she updates her blog often with new opportunities. The site design is also very well organized and easy to navigate.

3) – This site is a little more eccentric than the other two, but in a good way. The writing style is very enjoyable to read and there are lots of great visuals, so it’s not even annoying to complete a job search. They also include a lot of little offers that are easy and fun. For example, there was recently a post on how you could earn $5 for ordering a pizza and submitting a few photos of it. They even reimburse you for the pizza! Food and cash!

Do you know of any other good blogs or websites that post regular work-at-home opportunities? Comment below and share them with us!


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