Top 5 iPhone Apps for Enhancing your Videos and Photos

The standard iPhone camera app doesn’t really do much outside of the regular point & shoot. With apps like Instagram making everyone feel like they missed their calling as an amateur photographer, we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at some of the best photo and camera apps out there (aside from the almighty Instagram) to help you enhance your photos and videos.

1. Slow Shutter Cam – At only $0.99 this app will allow you to control the shutter speed on your camera. It is the only app of this type (for the moment) and anyone who truly does know about photography will tell you that having control over the shutter speed can completely change the type of photographs you are able to take. Although it is great for beginners, and even intermediate level photographers, it’s unlikely you’ll see any pros using their iPhones to shoot a wedding gig anytime soon. However, this is a step in a positive direction to teach others that there is more to a great photo than a sepia filter.

2. 8mm Vintage Camera – This app will cost you $1.99, which may have been a lot back when vintage movies were made, but it’s only pocket change now. This is a quick and easy way to make the movies you shoot with your iPhone look like they were shot in the early 1900s.

3. Camera Awesome – This FREE app is a great way to get better at your framing and composition skills. It even sets up the lens to help you abide by (or stray away from) the rule of thirds.

4. 360 Panorama – Everyone needs a panorama shot once in a while, right? Luckily, 360 Panorama is available for only $0.99 to allow you to shoot a 360-degree shot with only your iPhone.

5. Pro HDR – This app is $1.99, but well worth the price. It comes with a quite good editing suite, and takes two photos at a time, one to optimize for shadow, and the other to optimize for highlights. This would be one of the best apps for a more experienced photographer.


popadminTop 5 iPhone Apps for Enhancing your Videos and Photos