3 Unique Facts about Google Analytics

Google Analytics has really helped small business owners with little-to-no knowledge of search engine optimization or other analytic factors driving traffic to (or keeping traffic away from) their website. Google Analytics is also very helpful to those who know a great deal about how to market their website. Even those who feel they know just about everything though, may not know these three unique facts:

1. Once a Certain Level of Activity is Reached, it Samples Data – Google Analytics will sample your data after you have reached one million unique dimension combinations. This basically means that once you have accumulated that much data, the analytics tool will start ignoring some data in a very smart and selective manner.

2. Data can be Ignored based on Visits as well – If there are 500 hits during a single visitor session, any activity following the 500th hit is ignored. Since hits refer to every time an item, such as a JPG or PDF file, individual page element or tracking code, is requested on the web server, if you have a very complicated site, 500 hits can be used up rather quickly. Then anything that person does on your site past that does not count.

3. The Program is Fluent in 40 Different Languages – And just to throw out a much easier to understand, yet still unique fact, Google Analytics works fully in 40 different languages. In fact, 9 of them were added just this year in February. Some of those new languages added include Ukranian, Arabic and Hebrew.


popadmin3 Unique Facts about Google Analytics