Using a “Special Deal” Site to Market Your Business

Over the past few years, we have seen many different special deal sites and mobile applications pop up to offer potential customers reduced pricing on many different services and products. Many times, these price reductions are upwards of 50%. Groupon, Amazon Daily Deals and LivingSocial have been the most popular as of late, but the main question is: Do these sites really help you with marketing your company and increasing your business? Or are they simply a quick fix to get people in the door.

The fact is that the answer to this question depends on how you treat the guests that come in with these discounted deals. Unfortunately, many times when guests show up with a coupon, business owners and employees already see them as a cheap customer. This is the wrong approach to take. For example, a customer who already prepaid for their service, and paid far less than the regular value, is going to have more money to throw around in regards to tipping and upselling. These are two things you should really be focusing on, considering you already had to cut your price significantly to offer the discounted deal, and you also will lose more money paying whatever site or mobile application that is hosting your deal.

Overall, not all companies will see a return by investing in a special deal through one of these companies. However, if you provide the right customer service to the patrons that do take advantage of your deal, you will be more likely to see repeat customers and over time, a much more stable client-base.


popadminUsing a “Special Deal” Site to Market Your Business