Twitter has new Search Features: Here is How to Use Them

If you are an avid Twitter user, you have probably noticed the limits to using “Discover” on your account as a part of Twitter search, especially when it comes to the mobile version. However, now Twitter has completely revamped its search system making it much easier and more comprehensive to search for specific mentions, users and hashtags. Here are some of the new search features that Twitter has now introduced:

1) Related Suggestions – When you search for a specific person or topic now, you will also see a list of links that are related to what you search for. For example, if you searched for Katy Perry, they may include some links to other singers or topics like “pop music.”

2) Search Results based on People you Follow – A new search filter on Twitter will allow you to search through Tweets from people you follow. Instead of just seeing the options “Top” and “All” on a particular search topic, you will now also have the option to look at what your friends had to say about it with one simple click.

3) Autocomplete – As you type in Microsoft Word or Google, for example, often times your search will illicit many “autocompleted” options of what you may be looking for even before you finish typing. Now Twitter has included this feature in their searches as well.

4) Usernames AND Real Names in Search – When using Twitter to search for a specific person, now you will get results that include their Twitter handle (if they used their actual name) as well as mentions of the person in individual Tweets.

5) Corrected Spelling – Usually, when you misspell a search term on Twitter, you will end up being directed to nothing more than a blank page. Now, Twitter’s search tool will allow you to see search results based on what they think you probably meant to spell.


popadminTwitter has new Search Features: Here is How to Use Them