Want to Increase your Customer Base?

Every business is looking to increase its customer base. And why not? More customers equal more profits. However, there are many people out there that go about trying to grow their customer base in the wrong way. Spending thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising will help to a certain extent, but there is no true equivalent to great customer service and truly knowing your brand. Here are three ways to help you grow your customer base in a more organic way:

1) Customer Service is Key – Make sure that with past, present and future clients, you take the time to reach out and thank them for their business. Keep an email list in your store, or use emails from sales made on your eCommerce store to send out polite thank you letters for their patronship. Including a coupon for 10% off their next purchase will also help turn them into repeat customers.

2) Use Social Media to Promote Contests – When people become loyal to a brand, it makes it much easier for them to post on social media and share their finds. Previously, I worked on a social media project for a celebrity that was launching a clothing line. The more we promoted prizes for customers showing off their new looks by posting them to Facebook and Twitter, the more traffic the site began to get and also the more sales. And the people who won contests and were featured, ended up becoming life-long customers.

3) Utilize your Team for Guest Blogging – Many employees that work underneath you come to know your products and services almost as well as you do. Those people that exhibit a high-level of interaction and love for your products and services should be invited to submit guest blogs to be published on other sites. This will promote your website, show the expertise of employees and humanize your business.

popadminWant to Increase your Customer Base?