iPhone 5 Rumors are Looking More Plausible

Pretty much as soon as a new iPhone comes out, rumors surrounding the next one begin to emerge. It seems as though lately, a lot of rumors are looking more and more like they may actually be true. For example, there have been reports for months that the iPhone 5 will be announced/released in September of this year. As we get closer to September, actual dates are beginning to emerge and Apple has not yet addressed these rumors.

Another recent rumor is regarding the size of the SIM card for the iPhone 5. The photos obtained by a French Blog called Nowhere Else, show the SIM card from the iPhone 4S next to the supposed SIM card for the iPhone 5. They are placed next to a ruler, and it’s very apparent that the new SIM card will be significantly smaller than the old one.

Other rumors seem to be about the design, indicating the phone might have a curved aesthetic, and some reports are saying that the new phone will be even thinner than the last iPhone, but will also have a much larger screen.

So which rumors are true, and which are false? The fact is that we won’t truly know until the iPhone5 actually comes out. The reason that many of these rumors seem more plausible is because as time goes on, many of these reports seem to include very legitimate looking leaked photos and unassociated rumors are starting to mirror each other.

Obviously, only time will tell, but as more rumors start to emerge at an alarming rate, it seems that we probably won’t be waiting much longer to have all of these questions answered.

popadminiPhone 5 Rumors are Looking More Plausible