3 FREE Ways to Market Your Business Online

Although we are constantly hopeful for a change in our ever-declining economic climate, it’s no secret that the change is not going to happen overnight. So, for now, we have to look for creative ways to stretch every dollar. Marketing is certainly an area that has seen a decline. So many businesses are trying to simply take on the marketing monster themselves just to save an extra buck. Although marketing is never the area where you should cut corners, here are a few ways you can market for free while you’re working your way back to the top. Keep in mind though, that marketing is always difficult without a professional by your side!

Social Media – Surely this is one you’ve already heard about, but here are some new ways to tackle the giants of the industry:

  • Facebook recently introduced a tab for brand pages that allows you to post offers and coupons. Use it! This is a great way to give your already existing fan base another reason to drop by your website or business.
  • Jumping on Twitter trends is a great way to get your message heard. It is annoying to most, but a lot of marketing can be annoying to consumers. Use different trending hashtags within messages about your company to get noticed by a larger audience.
  • Viral videos are huge! And with apps like Viddy, you can shoot, edit and post 15 second videos for free. Come up with a funny concept that relates to your company and try making a short series with regular characters. Sure, the videos may be short, but there have been shorter commercials that have made large impacts.

Online Directories – Adding yourself to Google Places, Yahoo!, YP.com and other free directories can give your business a huge boost. Most of these online directories offer options to pay and be noticed for, but the free versions of these are incredibly valuable just on their own.

Word-of-Mouth Incentives – Your regular customers are already one of your biggest assets. Create programs to reward your customers for sending new business your way. For many people, a friend’s recommendation is the way they find new businesses to frequent. Reward clients for bringing you new business. There are plenty of free and creative ways to do so.


popadmin3 FREE Ways to Market Your Business Online