4 Rules for Improving Readability for your Website

There are many things that contribute to bad websites and good websites. The plain fact is that while web designers and developers can catch a multitude of mistakes in any given site, the average user will mostly be focused on how well the website works and how easy (or difficult) it is to navigate through it & read the content. So below we’ve listed four great tips to help improve your websites usability.

1. Create Sharp & Concise Content – There are a lot of website owners out there that have a lot to say (or write, in this case.) Although all of the information may seem vital, it is only going to bog down the website and turn off your visitors. No one wants to read a novel on a website. Break up your content with photos or headlines, and make sure that the longer content pages are within the website and not on the homepage.

2. Use Tools to Calculate Readability – There is a great site that offers a free Readability Test Tool. (http://www.read-able.com/) Just but putting in your URL, it will tell you the age of people that should be able to understand it. It also gives you an overall score and lets you know ways in which you can fix it.

3. Lists are More Attractive to Readers – Many time when a person visits a website, it is simply for quick information. They want the cliff notes. Long paragraphs, even beautifully written ones, are just too much for the average web surfer. They want to get in and out, so lists are the perfect way for them to do that.

4. Don’t Go Crazy with Colors – A lot of website owners overdo their color schemes by creating sites that look like a rainbow threw up on them. Although colors can make a website pop, don’t overdo it and give your visitors a seizure.


popadmin4 Rules for Improving Readability for your Website