Using Twitter to Help Speed Up the Adoption Process

In the past few years as Twitter has gained a great deal of popularity, we have seen many brands use it to get their message out, different celebrities share their thoughts and the rise of the #hashtag to keep you up-to-date on trending Internet topics. A couple from Michigan has now turned to Twitter to help them adopt a baby.

After more than two years on the waiting list to adopt, Rick and Erica Jones found themselves still without the child they wanted so much to share their lives with. Unable to spend a great deal of money on the process, they turned to social media (more specifically Twitter) to help them express to others how important their road to becoming parents truly is.

“Newspaper articles and flyers can never do what Twitter can do,” Rick told Mashable, “Twitter’s a way to reach thousands in a really quick way and get people to read our profile and help us adopt and start a family.”

Using the Twitter handle, @rjman48, Rick took to Twitter to do exactly that. The response has been quite astounding and has garnered support from celebrities, NHL players and news personalities, including Al Roker and Maria Menounos.

And according to Morningstar Adoption Center, the Joneses are excellent candidates for adoption, but they have not found the right child to pair with them just yet. As they continue their journey to hopefully adopt, the couple have become Certified Foster Care Parents.

How do you feel about using Twitter to help facilitate a couple’s dream to adopt? Is it a great way to get the word out? Or is this not the venue to be used for a sensitive topic such as adoption?

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View the couple’s personal website here.

View Rick’s Twitter feed here.

popadminUsing Twitter to Help Speed Up the Adoption Process