Want to Achieve YouTube Fame? 3 Tips for Creating Viral Videos

Although it may seem like anyone with a cute cat can strike gold with a viral YouTube video, there is a method to how some of these videos become famous. The process DOES start with the person uploading it. The most entertaining videos can fall through the cracks if they are not set up in the right way. Below are 3 tips to help you prepare your YouTube video for viral fame:

1. Share, Share, Share – Post your video on Facebook, Twitter, your own website, reddit, Digg, and any other social networking or bookmarking sites you can think if. Ask your followers to please reshare. Also, don’t think that sharing it once will do the trick. Share it multiple times a day. Some followers may get irritated, but you never know whom you will end up reaching and how far they can take it.

2. Name Your Video Strategically – Don’t get too creative with the name. Think of things people search for, and do some research using Google’s analytics tool. You can check how competitive keywords are and how often they are searched. Then, choose some low-competition, but highly searched keywords, and include them in your videos title. Also pick some good ones to include in the “tags” section. This will position your video to be found more simply on search engines.

3. Keep it Short & Sweet – While not all videos lend themselves to being good short pieces, most do have unnecessary footage. Take some time to cut out unnecessary part of your video so that the message is still present, but the video isn’t riddled with unnecessary cutaways or other fluff.


popadminWant to Achieve YouTube Fame? 3 Tips for Creating Viral Videos