Girl Fakes Her Own Kidnapping Through Twitter

Twitter has been used for engagements, weddings, divorces, announcements of new baby births and so many more wonderful life-changing notifications. Unfortunately, some people don’t always use Twitter in the right way. This past Sunday, a 16-year old girl from New Jersey, Kara Alongi, tweeted to her followers “There is someone in my house ecall 911.”

In the moments following her tweet, nearly 34,000 people retweeted her message and #HelpFindKara started to trend worldwide. The police station was flooded with phone calls, nearly 6,000, and Kara’s Twitter account gained an additional 95,000 followers by Monday morning.

When the tweet was sent out Alongi was home alone. When he parents arrived home, a door was unlocked, but there were no signs of forced entry. However, Alongi was gone, so her parents called the police to report a missing person and a home burglary. Nothing turned up missing though.

Where things really started to smell funny (or not at all, in this case) was when a police dog traced her scent from her backdoor, through her backyard, then into a neighbor’s yard and out around the corner to the street where the dogs could no longer follow the scent. It was then discovered that someone called for a taxi in that area, and the cab driver confirmed that a young woman matching Alongi’s description got into the cab alone, and was dropped off at the Rahway train station. At this point, that is all that is known regarding her whereabouts.

As details continue to emerge, it is looking more and more likely that Alongi simply ran away. Her Twitter followers are enraged and most believe she has faked her own kidnapping. However, we still do not know where she is.

What do you think? Is this a hoax, or is something more going on? Comment below and share your thoughts.

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