Why Customer Testimonials Are So Important

When a customer really appreciates your service and compliments you, it can make your day. But it can make more than that: it can make you money. More and more businesses are featuring customer testimonials on their website and in their stores. Here are four ways that customer testimonials can help enhance your business:

1. Insight into how you Outdo the Competition – Customer feedback, good or bad, helps you form your business into both what you want it to be as well as what customers want it to be. It can also bring to light the things you are doing that make your business stand apart from its competitors.

2. Word-of-Mouth Advertising – This type of advertising is often the best kind. A business that comes along with preapproval from a trusted friend or colleague makes it all the more appealing to potential customers. They already know someone that has had a great experience with your company, so they will already have confidence in you when they walk in the door.

3. Business Validation – Customer testimonials also make your company more trustworthy. Of course, creating a web page with a bunch of little blurbs such as “Awesome Place!” – Jane Doe, doesn’t really help anyone learn about why customers continue to flock to your business. Make sure you only post thoughtful and insightful customer testimonials. And don’t be afraid to ask your best clients to write these. Most of them will be happy to do it, and they are most likely to write the most conscientious testimonials.

4. Personal Confidence – Customer testimonials also give you the priceless gift of confidence in your company. Put up customer testimonials in your office break room and read them on those particularly hard days. Knowing that the service you provide is top notch translates into everything you do. And a lack of confidence in your own business will inevitably destroy it.

Have you been using customer testimonials to help your business grow? Share your stories by commenting below.


popadminWhy Customer Testimonials Are So Important