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Below are a few recent website projects we are proud of.

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Social Networking

Facebook to Crack Down on Fake Likes

When you visit brand pages on Facebook, do you ever wonder how many likes are actually legitimate? Well, Facebook did too, and they now know very

Current Events

Social Media Training on the Horizon for Pittsburgh Police

Last Friday, September 21, Klein Michael Thaxton took a random hostage and held him in his own downtown Pittsburgh home. Throughout the time he held


Woven: App Keeps All Your Precious Photos in One Location

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Photobucket, Instagram… the list goes on. All of your photos scattered all over the Internet can be frustrating and

Business Growth

The Concept of Shared Office Space

One of the hardest parts of starting a small business is being able to afford all of the things it takes to get one up and running. Just leasing an office space,


iPhone5: Five Million Sales Opening Weekend

This past weekend, the long awaited iPhone5 was released. Now that the first selling weekend is over, Apple is reporting


The Hits and Misses of iOS6

Yesterday Apple released iOS6 and users were quick to get equally excited and infuriated. So which features were hits and which